Group Podcast expectations

My ability to work with comfort in a group depends on how I know my members. I usually know my members in real life because we have shared a common course together before, but since COVID it has become easier for me to work with other people because we are all online. Last semester I had public speaking online, we had to do a presentation in front of zoom for the class. In that group, we split the work evenly between all the group members and we work on it separately. That is my preferred method because we do not all have the same schedule so we do work at our own pace.

My ability to work with technology is decent. I know how to use my computer to its maximum potential. I also have a pretty decent setup for my computer with stable internet at my house. I usually never lag unless there is an outage in the area. Overall, I believe that technology does not affect the way I communicate with a large audience. If someone affects my communication with a large audience is my poor communication skills.

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