Communism would least likely have a dystopia

I believe that communism would have the least dystopia compared to capitalism. You may find it hard to believe what I say is true but try to forget about all the negative things you heard about communism. Try to look from their point of view. In communism, the standard of living is different from what we are used to. First off, everyone is treated equally, and the government looks out for everyone. Everyone has a house, a place in society, and everyone is fed. Compared to a capitalistic country like America, you have to look out for yourselves. If you get hungry and can’t afford it, that is on you to find food for yourselves. In communism, your job is paid to you by the government meaning that if you become a doctor.  Your salary is controlled by the government, so it doesn’t really matter how much you make. Compared to America where the amount of money is how much depends on the type of life and what part of society you live in. Lastly, because the government controls so much they have a universal healthcare system. This means that if you ever get sick you can just go to the hospital free of charge, compared to America where just walking in you get charged. If you do not have insurance, then you have to pay out of pocket and maybe take a load to get the treatment.

Overall, I believe that communism would be the least dystopian society. In capitalism, it is all about competition, and in turn, you trample over other people. The more power you have means that you could potentially harm you can do to others. I personally like some aspects of communism because in America we have a lot of freedom. Too much freedom to be exact, gun control law that doesn’t really exist, and anyone can get a gun. In China, only law enforcement and the military are allowed to have guns. I believe that capitalism is closer to a dystopia than communism.

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