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An oppressive setting that relies on harsh rules made by a government wherein a society lies, one with little resistance from the majority of the population.

Funny….this is supposed to depict a dystopian society, and yet, it seems very familiar doesn’t it?

Any time a dystopia is mentioned in a book, a movie, or an article, there’s dramatics placed on how dangerous and difficult the environment is to live in. There’s a heavy emphasis on extreme consequences like beatings and death, and everyone has to follow the same rules and protocols. The need for these rules is often placed on an overall theme of happiness and peace, a governmental figure or organization that has made it their duty to protect civilians from themselves. This is where the first half of definition comes in, as it is the civilians or those who are farthest from the government that suffer the most. They have no say in how things are done, only reaping the punishments if they choose not to follow. I chose the word harsh to describe the rules or doctrine that is commonly preached in this sort of society, because often times individuals don’t fully agree with what they are saying or how things are run. It can cause discomfort and pain physically or mentally, or perhaps it goes against ones’ morals. However, one most forego morals in an effort to be unanimously uniform with their neighbor and their neighbor’s neighbor.

My definition of a dystopia is similar to the Webster Dictionary’s, but the key difference is the extremities and the location. I do not believe that a dystopia has to be a fictional place, arguably I think dystopia’s are the exact sort of climate we live in now. People have freedom of speech, but only to an extent, as they can be critiqued or hurt harshly for their words. We still live in a world of unfair treatment, where those that are higher to the top live easier lives, and are more in the know. There are still killings and harsh punishments given, we just choose not to dwell on them or to focus our eyes on the latest Tik Tok trend instead.

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