Group Work Grows the Heart

After completing the podcast project, I can say with absolute certainty that my group and I meshed very well. Conversing on topics outside of just class allowed a sense of familiarity to develop, and with that the comfort levels raised, making communal work even easier to partake in. I personally enjoyed taking the necessary step to provide organization, which I feel was instrumental in the success of our podcast. It didn’t sound forced, there was a proper flow, and there was enough fluidity so that we were not reading off of a piece of paper as a group. The listeners go to sit in on a phone and have an interesting intellectual conversation about dystopian elements seen from some college kids, and I hope I can do more projects like this in the future.

Technology is not my favorite thing in the world when it comes down to logistics, I will admit. However, I have plenty of experience with making things with technology. There’s of course powerpoints to start, which work great for presentations in any subject matter. Then there’s making videos, which I’ve had to do many times in order for presentations for class, but also in work settings. People appreciate visuals, because it allows them to connect with the material in a more personal way, and the stimulation allows for more engagement. Making a podcast however, this was definitely a first for me. Cutting the sound to make it fit the audio without an image, it reminded me of making a voiceover for a music video, or perhaps a TikTok. It was fun though, and I’m glad I was able to learn something new. I love presenting information to large audiences, regardless of the topic, so anything that assists me in making that more manageable is a win in my eyes.

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