Copy Cat..Just Follow the Rules

I think our team in preparation for our project are doing a great job as far as adhering to copyright rules and ideals of fair use. The issue that many people have is using content that has not been giving the rights that it’s due, because of the copyright laws that the media has been placed under. All that is necessary to avoid any problems is to ensure that the content is given the appropriate citation that it deserves, so people are aware that my group and I were not the original creators. The problem I think that most people have when it comes to adhering copyright laws is the same as when someone doesn’t tag the person responsible for a funny video on instagram. People just want to be acknowledged properly for the content that they create, especially if it’s on a platform where they aren’t getting paid. I see no issue with that, as a matter of fact I fully understand and support this, because I too would want to have a problem with someone using something I created without my own permission. My group also firmly believes in this, and we have taken this into consideration every step of the way, ensuring that we do proper research on how to properly cite videos and pictures. It is simple actions like this that save everyone from hurt and a world full of trouble later on in the future. 

Copyright laws may seem like total waste to some people, and they may also seem too tedious to truly adhere to the guidelines these laws list out. But I feel that people may forget the  gravity of these situations, and also don’t take time to understand why the laws are the way they are. For the amount of time that it takes someone to cite something they’re using, it took the author at the very least, 20x as long as to make the content, upload it, and get the copyright infringement placed on their work to prevent anyone from using it without permission. That doesn’t take into account how long it took to come up with the idea, the different drafts, the many trials and errors that could have potentially occurred, and the simple fact that it’s their idea. Following the rules is nice, and it makes everyone’s lives just a tad bit easier.

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