Ur-A Little Hard To Understand

The article titled, “Ur-Facism” by Umberto Eco features a tidal wave of information about what Fascism is according to Westerners, what Fascism is according to Italians what it could look like in the future. Eco begins the article with some background about the Italian version of fascism and compares it to other authoritarian governments like Nazi Germany and the Communist Soviet Union. Eco points out that there are many differences between Itlay`s government system and ideologies (or lack thereof). It is concluded by Eco that fascism as Westerners know it is not a good enough criteria for determining what it actually is. or “Ur-Facism” is properly defined as an interpretation based on Eco`s rules.

This article understandably has a correlation to the class because Eco speaks a considerable amount about Authoritarianism and its effects on people. This is similar to the problems and apprehensions of Winston as he navigated the world of Big Brother. The only question that I am left with is how exactly Eco is able to pull such detailed characteristics out of the Fascism that he experienced without somehow being biased in his opinion. Of course, he lived in a dangerous time, but the point of view was a young boy who did not realize that he had been under oppressed rule until later in life. The “double-think” aspect of 1984 was not present from his perspective.

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