Updated Reflection

At the beginning of this semester, I thought I already was good at analyzing and breaking different events down because I use to debate. But as we got deeper into the semester, it became very clear that I had so much to learn. Based on the eight categories, I know I developed all of them in different ways, but the three I never thought I would develop are developing greater proficiency as a self-regulated learner, analyze and comprehensively describe the underlying assumptions of different views, and critically analyze contemporary events.

The first one, which was, developing greater proficiency as a self-regulated learner, I thought I never learn. I have always been at a school that always did the extra step to help their students or send a reminder and it’s not that this class didn’t do this. But, coming home early because of the Coronavirus made it difficult to focus on school and not that I was home. I had to get organized, focus and find a way that worked for me on self-regulating learning.

The second one is to analyze and comprehensively describe the underlying assumptions of different views. This is my favorite thing to do now, which is breakdown what people say based on their information, knowledge, and viewpoint. So I can decide whether or not I agree or disagree, but the fun part about it is the dialogue that can get going, and being able to see how other people perceive information. I normally saw issues only a certain type of way, but many people see things differently, which is why I will be using this category the most.

The last one is to critically analyze contemporary events. I was already trying to learn this skill, but I never got it until this class because it was all analyzing. I had to listen and read what people got in the reading assignment in order to develop my own analysis. Then when the class talked about how these certain events in the past, are still happening now but its called something different, really made me want to think further on what happened in the past and which of those are still happening. This class opened my eyes to how much of our world is a dystopian for certain people and the different forms dystopias can take.

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