working to pay for school to get a good job to pay for school😐

Considering we all are college students right now or were once college students, I think its safe to say we all know how expensive and humbling college is. I remember my last year of high school when everyone was so excited to go to college and continue our education. We sad such high hopes and not its like we all hit a brick wall. Some finished within the four years some still at it like myself. The most important thing is the cost of schooling. These loans are okay for now, but the repayment looks like its going to be excruciating. Literally working jobs to pay for school to get a job to pay for school. Even if you go get a bachelors, masters and even a doctorate degree it just required more schooling with is more loans to pay off if you went that route to pay for school. Ive seen so many articles about people who have payed tens of thousands of dollars towards their student loans but it was mostly towards the interest and it hasn’t even put a dent in their bill. So so sad that all your hard work is probably going to cost you until you die.

I think its insane that we were allowed to take out loans for school before we were old enough to do many other things in the US, voting, drinking etc. I can’t go rent a car without outrageous up charges because I’m young, but I have a good bit of student loans. Even on the application for financial aid they ask how much cash you have and how much you have in your checking and savings accounts. WHAT??! So if a student spends every cent they have to pay for classes what are they to do about food, gas, insurance and other things? As much as we need out young people to be educated wether they be plumbers, nurses, accountants, designers or whatever their heart desires, they should be held down by debt for it for the better part of their lives.

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