Ur Fascism

I agree that Ur Fascism exists today. Ill use the fifth feature to explain.

The fifth feature states that diversity is a form disagreement, which also means that where diversity is absent so are disagreements. This is true and its a reason why, in recent years, companies have had to introduce diversity captains in order to come off as more inclusive. Seeing a company that employs people of all walks of life may influence a person to believe there is healthy dialogue about social issues. If you see a group and they are all the same and you are different from them, you may feel like they’d have different views and goals than you, looking the same may equate to thinking the same causing others to fell unincluded and uncomfortable. Things like diversity, inclusion ensure all voices are heard and when those aren’t in place its easy for a group to take control and cater to their own needs, more specifically the needs of likeminded people, and no one elses.

The example I’ll use is of President Biden pledging to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court. The same goes for when Former President Barack Obama nominated Justice Sotomajor. Regardless of any political motives she is the third woman, first Hispanic and first Latina to hold the position. Previously, the physical descriptions of the Supreme Court justices were all the same, but but with these changes we see more diversity which provides different prospects that need to be take into consideration when federal judiciary decisions are made.


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