unthinkable nightmares­čś▒with no awakening

dystopia is a world where life feels like a nightmare you never wake up from.

A place where everyday life feels like falling from a tree and hitting endless limbs without ever reaching the ground. Of course some nightmares are more vivid than others, but I associate the feeling of those dreams as a constant state with how it must feel to be a citizen in a dystopian society. A future where the people barely have the means to stay alive, but keep clinging to life because they have hope for better times, complete and utter chaos.

Each dystopia I’ve read about or seen has been riddled with deplorable, dehumanizing and unnatural circumstances. The people in those worlds live lives of pain, fear and restriction. These are worlds where the unthinkable is considered normalcy. No one knows what the future holds, that’s why I think of dystopia as the worst of everyone’s greatest fears. A run down place where there is no peace, privacy, individuality and so on, with no way out. Citizens who are forced to conform or die. Answering to a higher class without reason and desperately clinging to life. Life that could be made more simple by the higher class, but isn’t as means for entertainment.

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