reluctant dreams and persistent nightmares

How many people have positive predictions about the future? I’m sure its only a small fraction compared to those who believe the future is golden. I always hear things about billionaires taking over and replacing us with robots, an apocalypse that we are all doomed to be slain in. I think there are more predictions of nightmarish futures than dreamy ones because that is what people have experienced the most and that is the reality they project.

Our would is riddled with problems Everywhere you turn there is someone suffering. People even portray them selves as living better lives because otherwise everyone would assume they lives normal ones. People and to show themselves as someone they are not for the sake of an internet presence or false clout.

As far as the arts, movies, paintings, literature, music, to put it simply, people love mess. The love to see drama, anguish and defeat. Notice how many people become over night fans of celebrities after their passing. Literally, knew nothing of them before, but are now heartbroken and inconsolable. Why? People live for tragedy. The most popular movies are tear jerkers, stories about the one character that didn’t make it. People love to see it.

I don’t think there should be more dystopias, but I believe there is always going to be someone with the upper hand on another person. Whether they leverage that position brutality of not, some one is always going to be ahead. Even if we were to barter and take money, the cause of many struggles, out of the equation there is going to be someone with gold, access to fresh water, or land with good soil and people with next to nothing who will struggle to survive if the other person doesn’t want to make it easy for them.

I believe this is why we experience more dystopias than utopias. Its very ware that we see a person with a dreamy life makes it their mission to better the lives of others. They usually make their riches off the backs of others. I don’t want to say this is the way it must be, but I believe this is the way it is. A utopian society would require perfection. Simply put, just a dystopia with all the tragedy ironed out. Perfect leaders, unlimited access to resources, comfort.. a dream. I think its rough to say this is “the way it must be” but unfortunately… that’s just the way it is.

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