Group Work

I prefer to work alone. While I appreciate everyones opinions and skills, I find I work best when I complete assignments on my own. I think people are great and I admire the different perspectives a group can provide, but I was forced to do so much group work in middle school and high school it’s not even fun to think about. It was never about bad teachers or lazy group members, but the constant collaboration was always a pain to me. Just about everything we had to present was done as a group. I’d much rather see personalized presentations from everyone to see their own thought process and creative presentation skill, which I believe are smothered by group work. Usually a format is mad by one person and all the information is just copied and pasted. Not much creativity from each individual.

Personally, I design presentations well. Not too much info per slide, smooth transitions, good color coordination and nice pictures and graphics to match. I’m shy and I could lose my lunch at the thought of speaking before a group, so my best work is when Im able to record a presentation and hit all the points I wanted to make. Also, im usually able to offer a different perspective from everyone else and make people think about things a different way.

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