Favorite Podcasts

My favorite types podcasts are comedy and true crime. I enjoy group podcasts, especially when the speakers are interesting as individuals. Im always ready to hear each persons take on current events, especially when I know certain topics would interest them.

My favorite comedy podcasts are 85 South Show and “Damn Internet, You Scary!”. These guys are comedians and musicians who get together and talk about whatever comes to mind. While the 85 South Show is all improv, DIYS usually has a list of topics including current events and a segment called “Conspiracy Corner”. What I enjoy most about both of them is the friendly vibes they have. its almost like being on FaceTime with 4 of your best friends talking about everything under the sun and having a good laugh. I like that they offer genuine, real life opinions about current events. When listening to them talk about their individual backgrounds, I learned that some of the grew up in impoverished areas and lived through some rough times. I find that they view things differently from people who have had things come easy to them in life. I also like that they’ve become successful by being their true, authentic selves and even though they have much more money than they had coming up, they still act regular people. Working everyday, taking care of their families and having a blast with their friends. I like that they sometimes have guests on their shows and they get to ask them questions about their careers and get tips that would help those aspiring to be in their position in life one day. It’s amazing that they share their experiences from when they were new on the comic/ music scene. Sharing their flops and big breaks all the while being absolutely hilarious.

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