Best Utopian Goverment

Governments in dystopian societies are always the absolute worst. They exercise complete control over the citizens with no remorse. These citizens are often kept within an inch of their lives whether it be physically, mentally emotionally or the next, in order for their government to keep them in their grips. Basic human rights and necessities are also often compromised for this goal. In dystopian societies, the government takes full control of all aspects of the citizens lives and do not consider their options in decision making. This is most common in a totalitarian movement.

I think the best government to have is a democracy. A democracy is the least dystopian because if allows for the voice of each citizen to be heard, while dystopian governments don’t . In a democracy, individuals who have been elected to represent different populations make decisions regarding the rules of the country. This is better because even though people are elected to do them job, citizens are allowed to think freely and voice their opinions about things they like or dislike and are able to initiate change in situations that don’t serve them. Whereas in a utopian society, citizens are threatened with death for the same actions.

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