The Views of An Anti-Anti Utopian

What is an anti anti utopian? Wouldn’t anti anti utopian just be utopian? I’m pretty sure those are the questions you might have had when reading the world “anti-anti utopian”. To be anti-anti- utopian, you must be utopian. The difference between the two is that a utopian thinker goes against being a dystopian thinking by believing that the political order could be better. An anti-anti-utopian goes against the views of anti-utopians, which also isn’t dystopian thinking. Anti-utopians believe that any concept of trying to make a “perfect society” is going to backfire and cause more issues. So, anti-anti-utopian is believing a utopian society is possible and also coming up with ideas of how it can become a reality. 

I am the type of person to see the light in the dark most of the time. When it comes to the world I live in, yes, there are a lot of dystopian acts that happen everyday but I have faith things can and will get better. In the perspective of being a black women in America, we are at the bottom of the totem pole and yet, I think things can get better. In the past, we lived in worse conditions than we currently live in now. Not to say the world we live in now is good, but it has most certainly improved and slowly but surely it will improve some more. 

If everyone came as a collective and brainstormed ideas to make the world a better place and society to live in and actually cared to execute them, things would get better. The problem is not everyone cares and that’s okay, but if the vast majority of us do, change could be made. I don’t like thinking negatively for long because it affects me mentally and everyone around me. Being an anti-anti-utopian thinker helps me live my day to day life and believe things will just get better if I do what I can to make a change. 

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I am a Senior, Chemistry PreMed major from PG County, Maryland.
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