Privacy No Longer Exists

I am the type of person that loves my privacy. I don’t like people in my business most of the time. However, I never realized until recently that privacy no longer exists with all the technology that surrounds us. Our phones are being tracked all the time by cell towers and we share our locations with friends and family. Also with the security cameras that spread around the whole country, there is no such thing as hiding. The spam emails and calls we get to our phones consistently, are more evidence that we don’t have privacy. I’ve given up my privacy when I first got my phone or got access to the internet, so apparently i’m willing to give up my privacy just to live the life I want to live. I am willing to surrender my privacy to just live how I want to.

I personally don’t believe that we can live without our technology. How would you contact your family or friends if an emergency were to occur? How would you contact 911? We need immediate contact with the people around us and sending a letter out can take days to be received. We can’t predict the future of when bad things are going to happen to us or everyone else, so technology is a MUST in our time. In this century technology has evolved so much that it is now a necessity to have. In school, it has become required for us to have access to the internet and computer or tablet at home to complete our work. Even through our jobs, people don’t have to go into the office that much anymore. They can work solely from home.

Technology has its pros and its cons. The main pro is that it makes our lives so much easier. The cons are we don’t know where all our information goes. It can be pretty scary how frivolously we give our information for certain sites and memberships and then advertisement on a completely different app pops up for something you were searching online. Doesn’t that creep anybody else out? I feel like when I use my phone I am being watched from every angle. However, thats the world we live in now. I think its only going to get worse from here. Therefore, I don’t believe privacy truly exists anymore. We can have “privacy” by not telling our business to the people around us but to the people we don’t know who are actually watching our every move, there’s nothing they can’t find out.

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I am a Senior, Chemistry PreMed major from PG County, Maryland.
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