My Personal Utopia

My personal utopia is a world where everyone respects one another no matter how different they may be. A world where money doesn’t control us. A world where no one uses power they may possess in a negative way. A world where people are actually protected by the justice system. A where where justice is actually served to those who deserve it. A world where no one is homeless. A world where women are appreciated to the contribution we provide to the world. A world filled with love instead of hate. A world where people bring people up instead of tear them down. A world where women support each other versus fight with one another over things that don’t matter. A world where everyone is equal. These are all the things that I wish could exist today.

I would also like to see the price of health care to decrease significantly or even all together. The amount the hospitals charge for someone to receive care is really outrageous to me. Why do we have to pay so much to stay alive? We have choose between our health and our financials. How is that fair?Especially, if the issue isn’t anybody fault. Education would become accessible for everyone. No matter a persons background or how much money they have, everyone would have the opportunity to receive an education to build up their life.

I know that building this type of utopia or any utopia at all may seem very unrealistic but it’s sometimes nice to think about. Dr. King had a dream and so can we. If we all did our part in creating an actual better World, I think nothing is impossible. Everyone has their different goals and different ideas on what they think the world should be, but as long as it’s beneficial for everyone, I think it’s possible.

P.S. “Nothing’s impossible for Kim Possible”

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I am a Senior, Chemistry PreMed major from PG County, Maryland.
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