My Definition of Dystopia

Dystopia is a forceful society that dehumanizes its citizens by controlling their lives through fear. A dystopia is undesirable or unpleasant to live in. A society where all decisions are made from rich and high powered people. A place where no one is free to do what they want and are punished if they don’t comply with the rules. Most dystopian societies are created because rich people believe they are doing whats best for everyone and trying to create a better world for their people but they really aren’t. The people in charge think they know best but really they just have more money than everyone else, therefore, they think they have everyone else’s best interest at heart.

Whenever I view such dystopian societies from shows or movies, I cant help but wonder how the people in charge of these dystopian worlds come up with such ideas and are okay with it. If the roles were reversed, and they were the ones with no money no power, would they comply with their own rules? I cant help but think about handmaids tale or hunger games or divergent series. In Handmaids Tale, would the wives be okay with being sexual assaulted every month? Would the wives be okay with having their child being taken away from them to give to someone else unwillingly? In Hunger Games, would the rich people not be terrified to be chosen to go play a deathly game for the enjoyment of others? In Divergent Series, would the people in charge of the experiment, want to be forced to be one kind of person for the rest of their lives or die trying to run away from becoming someone they don’t want to be?

In conclusion, a dystopia is a society where the poor have no control over their lives and the rich do. The poor have to either comply with the rules or they die. Which would you choose?

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