The natural state is the best

There are many successful governments in the modern world, but this does not mean that they are all good.The “goodness” of each individual government is debatable for many reasons.Majority of people may agree that dystopian societies are extremely flawed.From my views, I believe that a good government is one that has equality between law and freedom.In this way there would be equal rights for citizens while still having safe boundaries.

After reading Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan we see that he believes the main part of life is in the natural state, to limit their freedom by transferring power Leviathan.A monarchy is the best form of government to ensure a better social life.Hobbes seems to defend a philosophical absolutism.This gives the idea that absolute power may not be all that good.One thing that is needed to keep societies in line is morality.Morality is needed to maintain peace amongst societies.Hobbes also maintained that the constant meditation between the emotion of fear and the emotion of hope is a key principle in all human interactions.This may be the way to the least dystopian society .I only say this because individuals would have the desire to be good.

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