It Doesn’t Matter if You Have Higher Education

There is a mythical belief that higher education leads to higher employment and better jobs. In all reality this is not true. In my opinion, education is a misleading agent for economic productivity or performance. Knowledge may be power, but pursuing higher education does not predict nor grant success. One thing that you need most are skills in whatever you take part in. I completely agree with these ideas, but I believe that people with less education and certifications score on higher paying jobs too easily. I know many people that have graduated from a vocational or technical school and make more than someone with a bachelor’s degree or higher. So yes, American higher education is a dystopia. We live in a society where we are paying high tuition for a decent education.This ideally forces many people to get a high paying job just to pay off debts from higher education programs. College is a scam to me. Alumni networks may be more economically valuable than whatever one studies in class.The saying “Where you went?” may be less valuable than “who you know?” these days. Higher education is a dystopia because it is not fair.

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