Example of dystopian society

Dystopia can be recognized as an imaginary place where the conditions and the well-being of individuals are undesirable.

In today’s society there are many examples and representations of dystopian societies shown in books, films, and other forms of media. A dystopian society can be described as one that does not allow freedom of thoughts or individuals living in a dehumanized  state. Both movie and book that I enjoy called The Giver is a perfect example of the term “dystopia”. In the beginning, a society appears to be utopian, but is later shown as a dystopian society. The setting seemed like a perfect place without suffering, but in all reality the society in The Giver has taken away the good qualities of a being human. In The Giver ,the society is supposed to be a utopia, but everyone is under an illusion that there is freedom, dehumanization, and strict rules. The one thing that I find controlling is that spouses and children are assigned to individuals. They are only allowed to have one boy and one girl. I hope it doesn’t get to that point in our society .

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