Dear Production Note, It’s Me Again

Wowzers! The podcast production turned out to be an exhilarating journey. I can’t believe we’re at the end of the road. In my last note to you, I had limited confidence in my skills to produce a decent podcast. Since then, I have further explored the elements which define a Continue reading

After the Storm: What I’ve Learned After Completing the Podcast Project

After completing the podcast assignment, I feel basically the same about my proficiency at the criteria listed in the prompt. In my previous post, I wrote that I had critically analyzing films and television because I spend most of my spare time watching television and films. Since I am a Continue reading

Podcast Reflection

To reflect upon my learning experience during this podcast project, I must say I grew from my first podcast production notes. Initially, thinking about doing a podcast on a dystopian film was nerve-wracking because I didn’t even know what to look for in the film that made it have those Continue reading

Semester Recap: Progress and Humility

Over the course of the semester, my sense of competence in critically analyzing fictional texts and films, my critical thinking skills, and my ability to exercise sound reasoning to analyze issues, make decisions, and overcome problems has improved. As far as critically analyzing fictional texts and films, this class has Continue reading