Feelings About Learning

I sense that I am becoming more comfortable observing behaviors in literature and movies that relate to dystopian societies. I have a greater understanding of what emotions a person may be going through when faced with a society that does not encourage individuality, independence or equality among its citizens. Reading Continue reading

Intellectual Self-reflection

As a student, I mentally avoid classes that do a lot of reading and writing because I have historically struggled with critically analyzing fictional texts and films. I have a hard time thinking of real-life examples or relations to the materials I am analyzing. It is very easy for me Continue reading

Production Note blog

Out of the 8 learning goals presented in class there are three that I think I have developed the most. The first is critically analyzing fictional texts and films. The second is critically analyzing contemporary events. Finally the last is exercising sound reasoning to analyze issues, make decisions, and overcome Continue reading

Production Ready?

Critically analyzing fictional texts and films is one of my strengths. I can pull from different aspects in the movie and or text to critically analyze the underlying message and main idea. Moreover, I can use various elements of the work, such as setting, character personalities, language, etc. to contribute Continue reading

Imperfectly perfect critique

I am very confident in my skills to dissect the most prominent themes and ideas within both nonfiction and fictional works of literature. First, I always place a piece of literature in its historical context. The political, social, and cultural climate of the respective time period offers tremendous insight as Continue reading

Circle of Dystopia

Through collaborative discussion in class, we ended with defining a dystopia as “an imaginary or real place whose people may lead a restricted and oppressive existence under some form of authority.” Although this definition is inclusive of those societies that are both created from human thought or reality for some Continue reading

Defining Dystopia in Our Contemporary Moment

            The Oxford definition defines the word dystopia as “an imaginary place which is depressingly wretched and whose people lead a fearful existence”. This definition is quite bland and could be expanded. I would define dystopia as a real or an imagined place where an inferior group is being oppressed by Continue reading

Thoughts on Dystopia and What it is

The definition that we as a class ended on was “An imaginary or real place whose people may lead a restricted and oppressive existence under some form of authority.” I believe this definition covers all the grounds of what a dystopia is without getting too specific since a dystopia has Continue reading