Critically analyzing fictional texts and films is still one of my strengths. Because of this process, I can better pull from different aspects of the movie and or text to critically analyze the underlying message and main idea. I can also better use various elements of the work, such as Continue reading

Post Production Notes

Out of the 8 learning goals presented in class there are three that I think I have developed the most. The first is critically analyzing fictional texts and films. The second is critically analyzing contemporary events. Finally the last is exercising sound reasoning to analyze issues, make decisions, and overcome Continue reading

Proficiency Check #2

Critically analyze contemporary events. I believe that my reception of contemporary events has somewhat stayed the same. I’m still engaged with current events in the world, not just in the U.S. I think that the recent pandemic outbreak has a lot to do with that, as I’m constantly receiving more Continue reading

Post self critique

Over the course of the semester, my pre assessment of my competence is nearly the same as my current analysis of my competence. I am very confident in my skills to dissect the most prominent themes and ideas within both nonfiction and fictional works of literature. First, I always place Continue reading

Coronavirus: the Next Research Project?

The Coronavirus has intensified the latent dystopian nature of our society. For example, propagandistic media has become part of our everyday lives, starting at the top of the federal government. Every day, the president holds a press conference where his vice president holds up a chart reminding American citizens about Continue reading

American Education: Dystopia in the Making

            The purpose of this course is to reveal the similarities between fictional dystopian worlds and our own constantly evolving society. It is always frightening to discover that the foundations of a dystopian society already find their homes in the basis of our societal structures without much notice from the public. Continue reading

The Hell Labeled “Higher Education”

High School students, with intentions on going to college, complete their senior year in hopes for new beginnings. They hope to learn more about their craft, themselves, make lifetime memories with strangers, gain freedom, and grow (in all senses of the word.) However, no college pamphlet a teenager receives can Continue reading