The Infection of American Health Care

I would like to bring attention to the dystopian qualities of the health care system in the United States of America. I believe that the American standard for healthcare was created to be systemically oppressive on poor people of color and translated these prejudiced principles into clinical care in obstetrics, Continue reading

How Far Is Too Far: Protective Measures or Privacy Invasion?

A dystopian world, as described by our class, can arguably contain any mixture of criteria, but there are several key features that many (if not all) staples of the genre possess in one form or another. As a consensus, we concluded that generally, a dystopia can be identified by an Continue reading

Dystopias Today: Black Life with CoVid-19

Over the course of the semester, our class came up with several different definitions of a dystopia. After many tweaks, we came up with the following definition: Dystopia: an imaginary or real place whose inhabitants may lead a restricted and oppressive existence under some form of authority that arises as Continue reading

Episode 1: Introductions

Show Notes Transcript Hello and welcome to the first season of Dispatches from Room 101, a podcast that explores the realities of dystopian literature and film. My name is Jason Todd, and I am an Associate Professor of English and the Associate Director of the Center for the Advancement of Continue reading


When I reexamine the three criterias that I have previously categorized for myself, I believe that they remain the same. The ability to exercise sound reasoning in order to analyze issues/make decisions, and overcome problems remains one of my strengths. Being able to proficiently analyze issues/make decisions allows me to Continue reading