Define Dystopia ?

The understanding of a dystopian world was best explained by not tackling the idea of a dystopia as whole, but to capture different ideas from authors and scholars that dismantle the framework to see all its characteristics. The most common practice that we see contributing to this form of society Continue reading

Is Utopia the Answer?

The mere concept of imagining improvement in our overall situations, or maybe even a particularly stressful one, is a great motivation to figure out how things can actually get better. In contexts outside of dystopian literature, many innovations are made out of convenience. When someone finds a task a bit Continue reading

Post-Dystopia Definition

My definition of a dystopia is an oppressive setting that relies on harsh rules made by a government wherein a society lies, one with little resistance from the majority of the population, in which lessons are placed for the current society to learn from. The definition is similar to the Continue reading


My definition of a dystopia is a society in which the majority of the population is suffering due to environmental or social issues. My favorite dystopian example is in the republic of Gilead in the Handmaids Tale. All elements of a dystopia are present in this show from environmental disaster Continue reading


I agree according to Dystopias Now, “Dystopias are the flip side of utopias.”    On Google, when searching up the definitions and images of dystopia and utopia they are described and appear to be the complete opposite. Dystopia highlights a place of extremely unpleasant living and working conditions. By contrast, a Continue reading

How many faces of oppression exist in today’s world?

The five faces of oppression are violence, exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, and cultural imperialism. A few examples of faces of oppression that exist in the United States society today are racism, sexism, and religious persecution. Racism is treating people differently based on their skin color or ethnicity. Sexism is treating people Continue reading

Post podcast

Working on the podcast was a unique experience because I have never done anything like that before. After having to work with my group the entire semester, I begin to warm up and get more comfortable completing task with them. My experience and comfortability grew as time progressed and I Continue reading