A Film Critique From Me 2 You

I recently discussed the 2013 film Elysium in the “Got Health?” podcast project due to its illustration of neglect as a dystopia. The film is placed in 2154 where society on Earth has shifted into mass poverty and terrible public health due to pollution and overpopulation. The elite and rich Continue reading

D Who? Dystopia University.

Since starting this course, the definition of a dystopia has evolved just as the experience within higher education has shifted. Our definition of a dystopia has shifted to become a place real or imagined in which those in it may live a restricted and oppressed life enforced by their government. Continue reading

The Dystopian Style Lockdowns

The coronavirus has taken the world by storm. It has caused so much havoc nationwide. It has caused our government to issue stay-at-home orders in order to help slow down the spread of the virus.James Gershman in The Wall Street Journal stated, “Most U.S. states have imposed lockdown measures restricting gathering Continue reading

Dystopia in pandemic??

Living in the midst of this Coronavirus pandemic has allowed me to realize some dystopian characteristics. I have noticed a sense of unreality and an increase of government oppression.I believe there is an increase of government oppression because the United States unemployment claimed to soar near 4.4 million people and Continue reading

Dystopian Discrepancies

Within America, we have seen several forms of oppression. The LGBT community, racial minority groups, disabled citizens, and lower class citizens are examples of those who automatically fall victim to the injustices of the society. These groups of citizens are thrown into a dystopian society as soon as their identities Continue reading

The Dystopian Candidate

In 2016, the United States experienced an unprecedented affront to national sensibility. Donald J. Trump, the Dystopian Candidate, splashed on the scene. He was an unexpected and offensive candidate who played the heart strings of bigots across the world. Disgruntled white men who had long been looking for a place Continue reading