In a society where the government has sanctioned a yearly night of anarchy titled, The Purge, citizens are supposed to rid themselves of built-up aggression and anger from throughout the year and experience a night without restraints of any laws or social norms tieing them down. For the rich and Continue reading

The Influence of Fascism

“Ur-fascism” is about the effect of ideologies such as fascism on people in Italy and breaking down the different aspects of fascism. The article breaks down Ur-Fascism into various aspects and beliefs associated with it. The major categories were xenophobia, elitism, heroism, and selective populism. The author focuses on what Continue reading


Ur-Facism by Umberto Eco, is an article about how facism affects countries over time. Throughout the article, he explains his experience with facism in Italy but also goes into German facism. One of the main points he refers to is the Holocaust. He compares the two countries and how they Continue reading

Ur-A Little Hard To Understand

The article titled, “Ur-Facism” by Umberto Eco features a tidal wave of information about what Fascism is according to Westerners, what Fascism is according to Italians what it could look like in the future. Eco begins the article with some background about the Italian version of fascism and compares it Continue reading

Learning Goals: Competence

Three criteria’s that I believe I fall into when describing my own sense of competences would be my ability to develop greater proficiency as a self-regulated learner, leverage existing digital technologies ethically and efficiently to solve problems/complete tacks/accomplish goals, and the ability to exercise sound reasoning in order to analyze Continue reading

Pre-Production Note

Since starting this course, I have definitely become competent in many more areas than I knew possible. One of the main areas being becoming able to articulate my position or viewpoint using oral and written skills communication among multiple competing perspectives about “big ideas” in the classroom. I am a Continue reading