A Film Critique From Me 2 You

I recently discussed the 2013 film Elysium in the “Got Health?” podcast project due to its illustration of neglect as a dystopia. The film is placed in 2154 where society on Earth has shifted into mass poverty and terrible public health due to pollution and overpopulation. The elite and rich Continue reading

Episode 9: The Hunger Games

In this episode, we talk about the film The Hunger Games and discuss the dystopian aspects that contributed to the overall theme of the dystopian film. Some of those dystopian elements were trackers, totalitarian government, and wealth was near the capitol whereas poverty existed farthest away. We also cover topics such as governmental control and share our reactions to the film. In terms of dystopia, we break apart the film in terms of what happened in the film and compared them to current nation and world events such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Continue reading

Episode 6: Equilibrium

In this episode, we will discuss how the film Equilibrium displays traits of a dystopian society while comparing and contrasting George Orwell’s novel 1984. Equilibrium can be analyzed and broken down into three categories: government, interpersonal relationships, and consciousness/autonomy. Continue reading

Episode 5: Ready Player One

Ready player one is a movie about a boy named Wade living in a futuristic society in the year 2045 that is overcome by technology, poverty, and chaos. Everyone in society spends their days in a virtual reality game trying to escape into a new reality unlike their own. In this podcast episode, we discuss some dystopian elements that are present in Ready Player One from escapism/poverty to technology/governmental abuse of power. We also discuss how those dystopian elements relate to the contemporary world. Continue reading

Episode 4: In Time

In this episode, the 2011 film “In Time” is analyzed for its Dystopian elements as they have been presented in our Class. Parallels are drawn between the current world and the imagined life they have presented in the film. The social and economic inequalities of “In time” are compared to the strongly developed wealth gap in the United States and the world. In this episode, one will find interesting takes on life and wealth, along with questions that will stimulate thinking. Continue reading

Episode 3: The Stepford Wives

In this episode, we will explore the dystopian elements that are embedded within the movie, Stepford Wives. As we break down the dystopian elements, we simultaneously make connections to real life dystopian elements. Continue reading

Episode 2: What Happened to Monday?

In this episode of What Happened to Room 101, we discuss the movie What Happened to Monday and the eerie similarities and differences that occur in dystopian worlds and the way we see them manifest themselves in our modern world. Continue reading


The Divergent film is about a dystopian society separated into factions after a horrible war. The people in these factions are separated by their genetic modifications. In this world people chose the faction or group they live with based off of a simulation test that tells them where they fit Continue reading