Defining Dystopia in Our Contemporary Moment

            The Oxford definition defines the word dystopia as “an imaginary place which is depressingly wretched and whose people lead a fearful existence”. This definition is quite bland and could be expanded. I would define dystopia as a real or an imagined place where an inferior group is being oppressed by Continue reading

Thoughts on Dystopia and What it is

The definition that we as a class ended on was “An imaginary or real place whose people may lead a restricted and oppressive existence under some form of authority.” I believe this definition covers all the grounds of what a dystopia is without getting too specific since a dystopia has Continue reading

Young’s Five Faces of Oppression, Defined

In her article “The Five Faces of Oppression,” Iris Young categorizes five distinct methods employed by societies or dominant groups within societies to oppress individuals and weaker groups, methods that are often misidentified by members of the society as “injustices” rather than forms of oppression. The following definitions were developed Continue reading