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Critically analyzing fictional texts and films is one of my strengths. I can pull from different aspects in the movie and or text to critically analyze the underlying message and main idea. Moreover, I can use various elements of the work, such as setting, character personalities, language, etc. to contribute Continue reading

Imperfectly perfect critique

I am very confident in my skills to dissect the most prominent themes and ideas within both nonfiction and fictional works of literature. First, I always place a piece of literature in its historical context. The political, social, and cultural climate of the respective time period offers tremendous insight as Continue reading

Young’s Five Faces of Oppression, Defined

In her article “The Five Faces of Oppression,” Iris Young categorizes five distinct methods employed by societies or dominant groups within societies to oppress individuals and weaker groups, methods that are often misidentified by members of the society as “injustices” rather than forms of oppression. The following definitions were developed Continue reading

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Most of the upper-level XCOR classes (3010s & 3020s) are cross-listed with one or more discipline-specific classes. While that’s not a bad thing, this class has been designed to be free of any specific disciplinary connection. This isn’t a class about dystopian literature (although we will be reading some dystopian novels), nor is it a class about dystopian cinema (although we will be watching some dystopian movies). Instead, this is a class about the very idea of dystopias. Continue reading