A Functioning Dystopia (class)

Because I am a visual learner, I would appreciate a bit more visual content in class. This content could include short videos (1 to 2 minutes) of what a dystopia looks like and how it has been portrayed in the real world. For example, short informational videos on the holocaust Continue reading

To-Do Or To Not Do

Based on my experience in the course so far, I’ve understood the classes evolving definition of a dystopia through films and class readings. Furthermore, I also started pinpointing dystopian aspects in our current society, in the films I watch, and the books I read on my own time. Understanding what Continue reading

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dystopias, Real and Imagined

So far in this course, we have covered a number of different texts, films, and other creative works that have began to help us formulate the definition of a dystopia. One specific way that we have attempted to formulate a definition is through the annotated reading assignments that accelerate our Continue reading

Check-in !

XCOR Dystopias, Real and Imagined is an extremely interesting class. This class allows me to consider different characteristics and aspects in ways that were expected.  Based on my experience in this course I believe that class discussions are extremely beneficial. Class discussions have positively enhanced my learning on several topics Continue reading

Mid-Term Check In

I think that we should start addressing real world topics more during class time. It was very liberating talking about the current epidemic of coronavirus. It kept my attention the entire class because we were talking about something that is affecting my life personally. It was also interesting hearing my Continue reading