American High Education

America High Education is definitely a dystopia due to the fact that it is so expensive and hard to access. We have made education a privilege rather than a necessity. Several people struggle to afford it without loans or scholarships. Loans are an absurd idea to implement in the name Continue reading

Can Religion Make the Difference?

Religion can be a component to fighting against oppression in many ways. Religion can be seen as influential civil society communities. They are often seen as representing unifying values that transcend disputed issues. Local and international religious entities play a large and often unappreciated role. In these roles, creating conditions Continue reading


Religion in my opinion would be a great addition to dystopian societes. It isnt the answer for everyone but being a Christian My God is the answer to everything, even in the bad situations when a solution seems impossible. I beleive there are so many religions to go by, its Continue reading

Is religion the answer to dystopias???

Religion can definitely be used to bring about the ideas of liberation, personal freedoms, wholesomeness, and actions that resonate perpetual respect to quash dystopias. The other aspects of religion such as conformity, suppression of identity, repression of innate desires, and actions that reverberate constant judgment can validate dystopias.  Religion is Continue reading

Is Religion Important?

I believe that religion can and does play a role in dystopian structures. The example provided in the question of Catholic priests developing a new form of theology to combat the oppressive authoritarianism proves that religion can influence and possibly change a dystopia for good, or for worse. We assume Continue reading

Is Religion a Necessary Component?

I believe that religion is not a necessary component when fighting oppressions. Religion is not needed in order to justify fighting oppressions. The jist of oppressions is that it can oppress people from any ethnicity, race, sexual, and gender identity. When fighting against oppression, protecting our fellow peoples livelihood is Continue reading