12 Hours of Legalized Crime

In this dystopian action horror film, The Purge, people are allowed to commit crimes while being free from the consequences of their actions for 12 hours. Several times it was referred to as being a way to “cleanse.”

A totalitarian political party referred to as “The New Founding Fathers,” are voted to office after a somewhat economic collapse takes place. They then sanction the “Purge” where all crime including murder is temporarily legalized for 12 hours and no emergency services would be available.

The New Founding Fathers believed this event would lower unemployment rates and make the United States more of a crime free zone. The next morning when the purge ends, news reporters state what a success the event was and how the stock market was blooming from all the sales of weapons and security systems.

I believe violent distractions like the “Purge” would only provide a temporary fix until humanity goes back to finding other ways of destroying itself. Then what? What would be next? Many participants thanks the government for allowing this type of insanity, but others question what was the goal of this. It seems it was designed to wipe out the poor and sick who could not defend themselves. It’s all about who has the most resources. Even the higher classes who chose to participate because of the envy they have towards others.

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