Thoughts on Personal Learning

Being able to keep track of your improvement when learning is vital when one wants to achieve mastery of a skill. In any course where the goal is particularly focused on the connections between the real world and the imagined world, it is necessary to be able to analyze information that one receives and draw meaningful conclusions. It is also imperative that you are able to analyze yourself and your own biases. Every learner has strong and weak points that affect their learning behaviors. Personally, I find that I am strong in several areas that I deemed to be important while other skills are lacking or underdeveloped which is more than likely some fault of my own.

One of the skills I believe I excel in is the critical analysis of texts, films, and other media. I have a disposition toward analysis because I am naturally a pensive person. This skill has also been further developed by my decision to pursue a degree in English which focuses primarily on the analysis of media (such as literature and film) and cohesive expression of one’s own opinions or findings. This is why I believe that my ability to communicate effectively is strong in terms of writing, but it is not as strong in terms of speaking. Like many people, I have trouble with articulating myself orally, especially in a public manner such as in a classroom or for a presentation. This could be an area that I can improve upon if I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone. Also, since I consider myself to be a logical or rational person, I believe my ability to use sound reasoning is one of my stronger skills; however, once I have set on a position, it is sometimes hard for me to accept critiques of that position.

I believe that one skill that I should actively work toward improving is regulating myself as I am learning because it is easy for me to fall into boredom or routine, and I may not always process all the information because of this. Another objective I could work toward is making more connections between contemporary events and the media we explore in class. I sometimes suffer from a narrow scope, and I don’t always make connections where they could be drawn. With all of this in mind, I believe the first step in improving as a student is being aware of your current progress so that it is easier to move forward and work on areas that need the most attention. I hope that through this self-analysis, I will be able to strengthen my weaker skillsets and produce better work as a result.

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