Thoughts on Dystopia and What it is

The definition that we as a class ended on was “An imaginary or real place whose people may lead a restricted and oppressive existence under some form of authority.”

I believe this definition covers all the grounds of what a dystopia is without getting too specific since a dystopia has many forms. A dystopia can be a real place or it can be made up as we have noticed in many examples that demonstrate the imaginary aspects of the definition. But movies like “What happened to Monday” that has some truth of a real dystopia like the one child per family limit that was or is still is happening in another country. This allowed the definition to cover all its bases, it even goes in further by stating how its people in these “imaginary or real places” maybe “restricted”. Whether that means they are ignorant or they know what is happening to them and they can’t do anything because of all the rules. The “oppressive existence” goes further by describing a place that can be one of the 5 faces of oppression, and not limiting it to just one. The ending of the definition helps give people a visual that the people or person that is doing all this to the citizens of this dystopia has the authority and it leaves it open for the different types.

I wouldn’t change anything to this definition right now because I feel like it covers all the grounds of the emotion, action, place, who is doing the action and who is receiving the action. Until we learn of new evidence this is a nice definition to be had, it might not sound beautiful but it will become beautiful with more knowledge.

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