This Ain`t Dystopian, This Is Irresponsible

I would like to speak from my point of view because the Coronavirus is a lot like Thanksgiving, it apparently means something different to everyone. I have no problem telling my audience in advance, to wash their hands. However, it seems that the citizens from the southern and northern-midwest regions of America that I have had the opportunity to live in do not find any reason to take the advice of pathologists, epidemiologists, and other medical faculty.

The Coronavirus pandemic as it affected Xavier University of Louisiana is not a dystopia because everyone saw it coming and there was no denial of its effects. The problem was that all the rule changes made for health and safety applied only to those who could not afford or manage to move off-campus at the earliest convenience. If students and staff were not informed, kept face-to-face classes and forbidden from leaving campus during this pandemic, a form of dystopia would be run by the president of our school and administration. Or it could have been worse, students could have been expelled or faculty immediately fired for having positive test statuses. That would be an effective dystopia. That also sounds like the storyline out of an X-Men comic book.

American college students are provided with as much updated information as possible during a crisis. That being said, there will always be students that still choose to take their chances, either out of willful ignorance or financial stability. There were students that would have stayed on campus if there was no requirement to leave. Some off-campus students stayed in New Orleans to save money or to keep their jobs. There are also students like the ones I overheard in the airport (during the mandatory move-out) on their way to party at Clearwater Beach with thousands of others that same week.

All students on campus were all aware that the coronavirus existed and had proven itself to be dangerous. We were all advised by the CDC, our school administration and health authorities in our area to stay away from others outside of our immediate households. Advisories were established in coordination with that new information. Students have either followed the advice given or disregarded the advice at their own discretion. I can`t tell anyone what to do, and neither can the American government.

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