Defining Dystopia

Dystopia is an unreal imagined place, where inhumane and unpleasant situations occur,contradictory to the word utopia. 

While a utopian society is known as a wonderful place, where everyone would like to be, a dystopian society is the complete opposite.  When I think of the word dystopia, the first thing that comes to mind is the Disney movie Wall-E. In the movie Wall-E it describes a world where humans become so lazy and completely depend solely on the control of technology. In this society earth is covered in garbage, and filled with toxic air and dust storms causing everyone to live aboard a ship. People in this society are detached from earth, they live life in chairs and have all their needs taken care of by robots. However two robots Wall-E and Eve set out to get everyone to return to earth.This movie is related to dystopia because it’s a fictional place where humans are living terrible lives. Humans degraded the earth to the point where they weren’t able to do things for themselves. Although dystopias are seen as fictional, I do believe they foreshadow or warn people in the real world of things that can possibly happen.

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