College and Group work

Working in a group in college can be quite difficult in my opinion. Everyone has busy schedules so often times its hard to find available meeting days that accommodates everyone. I feel like this then leads to one person stepping up and contributing to most of the work for the project, this has occurred in majority of the college group projects I’ve been assigned to. However I am comfortable working in a group when we are all giving our own individual tasks to complete, because I know personally I don’t have a lot of extra available time. My grades do come first so ill definitely always make sure my task gets done. I am very use to using technology to communicate with large audiences. I use many social media platforms on a daily such as twitter and Instagram. Although I’ve never made my own podcast i’m sure it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. I can’t wait to get started on this project because I feel like it’ll be very fun since we have an interesting topic to discuss and once finished i’ll get to say I’ve made my own podcast.

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