The Purge: An Analysis

The Purge was centered around one night of the year where civilians were given the opportunity to commit any crime without punishment for 12 hours. It was focused around a small family in the neighborhood and their experience throughout the night of the purge. The father sold top notch security systems, so their plan was to just ride out the purge inside their huge home for the night. This all went to flames when their son opened the homes security systems and doors to a bloody homeless stranger running from the purge clans of the street. Everything then took a turn for the worse when the purge group outside gave the family the option to either return the homeless man to them alive, so they can kill him, or risk them breaking in and killing the whole family. The family was then faced with the decision of saving themselves and the children or defying their moral stance on the purge and the acts committed on that night. In the end morality was defied as the family and homeless man fought back against the purge group that broke inside which ended in their survival throughout the night.

This movie follows the idea of a dystopian world because it entails two groups at odds with each other, or one group having power over another to maintain order. Government officials allow for ordinary civilians, any civilians to commit any crime without punishment for 12 hours as a means of both psychological control and human genocide. With the allocated purge time, crime had been regulated ad nearly ceased to exist outside the purge and the economy flourished due to the lives lost. However, it had a sinister theme or eradicating the poor, homeless, or poverty-stricken individuals because they were viewed as waste, trash, and a burden to the economy. Historically this reminded me of slavery and the theme of dystopia whereas some had to be sacrificed or suffer for the overall survival of the race or in this case, the economy and livelihood of those in it.

Realistically, I feel as if a purge would not be possible to fix or try to control different social groups or levels of crime status. This being because we do not operate on a system of total hierarchy or control over another, we are a democracy, and opinions on something so harsh would be varied and difficult. Therefore, I don’t think it’s possible to solve our economical, crime, or mental problems by allowing a purge to happen that would claim to cleanse those of their burdens. Besides, such barbaric and aggressive acts of violence to ease anger would only in the long run harm a person’s mental well-being. Such acts and restrictions would probably only be considered in areas where such behaviors are normalized.

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