The Matrix Critique

Thomas Anderson is living a double life by being a computer programmer by day and Neo, a hacker, by night. Neo is being targeted by a threat to the government named, Morpheus. Morpheus introduces Neo to the “real world” of a wasteland where robots imprison human minds within an artificial reality called the Matrix. The robots run on human body heat and electrochemical energy.Once the humans are through they are thrown away like old batteries. Neo wants to rebel against the robots by entering the Matrix and confronting the agents who run the entire world.

One dystopian characteristic displayed in the film is technological control. The computers felt that by controlling every minute of what the humans experience was bettering their lives, while preserving their own. The humans were being oppressed by the very things that created them. There was technological control displayed in 1984. The telescreens were used to broadcast propaganda and to take surveillance of the citizens. They would listen and watch for signs of people disagreeing with the government. There were also microphones hidden amongst the country ,without the citizens’ knowledge, for the government to listen to everything that was being said by citizens. This is possible to happen in the present day because there is a conspiracy amongst the United States that the government watches us through our electronic devices.

I recognized another characteristic of a dystopia in the film. They kept everyone so isolated which resulted in the control of information. For example, the Matrix was banned from the real world. Therefore, only a small fraction of the population knew that the Matrix even existed. This theme was present in 1984 as well. The Party would control every source of information by controlling everything being printed in the newspapers. They did not allow the citizens to keep record of the past. They could not keep old documents or photographs. This resulting in citizens believing everything the Party told them. This is possible to happen in the present day because whatever our government tells us we tend to believe. On the contrary, with technology being so advanced, everything is recorded which is exact proof of what happened.

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