The Lobster

The Lobster to me is a very interesting form of dystopian film. this movie shows a society where single people, according to the laws of The City, are taken to The Hotel, where they are obliged to find a romantic partner in 45 days or they are transformed into animals and sent off into the woods. The main character David is left by his wife who find another man. He then has to check himself in to the hotel where many rules are enforced to stress the fact that companionship is required to live. Guests of the hotel can hunt the single people who are not checked in the hotel who are called loners, who live in the forest each person is equivalent to one extra day in the hotel.As the movie progresses David eventually chooses to escape the hotel and join the loners who have a completely separate set of rules.David then finds love in another member of the loners which breaks the loner group’s rules. Him and his new found love must then do what they have to do to ensure that their love survives.

The depiction of the dystopia show in this movie in my opinion was not very realistic. I do not think that our real life society would ever press so strongly for companionship. If anything I think our society today is becoming more independent in comparison to the past where marriage was overly important to the young and old alike. The dystopian trait that I saw most presented in this film was the lack of individuality. In this society the people were essentially forced to find a partner in a short impersonal manner. The film show that variation of any kind was unacceptable everything was seen as “black and white with no grey areas”. For example when David first arrives at the hotel he asked the receptionist if bisexual was an option he could pick and it was unacceptable and he had to choose either male or female not both. This is also seen when you think about the 2 “factions” in the movie. The hotel restricted and punished actions such as masterbation or any other solo act of pleasure and greatly promote all relationships based pleasure and dependance.On the other hand the loners promoted solo pleasures and independents however relationship and romantic actions were banned and punishable. There was no place in this society where a person could decide how to live their lives completely. Individually is also prevented by the the mindset the society has engraved in the people to think that to be in a relationship the two lovers must be exactly alike. This is seen when the man from the movie bangs his head on a table to get a nose bleed in order to match his women interests’ actual nose bleed problem. Another example of this is seen at the end of the movie when the main character David literally stabs his eyes in order to match his lovers blindness.

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