The Lion that got its Courage

 After reviewing my pre-production note, Blog Post #3, I have come to realize that my strengths and weaknesses remain. Nevertheless, my strengths have become stronger and my weaknesses have also. I am now able to take a stance from multiple perspectives and thoroughly analyze from those respective perceptions. I am also fully equipped to explain those perspectives to others who may not initially understand them. Once I obtain clarity on someone’s beliefs on a subject, I am then able to introduce them to various viewpoints and explain those viewpoints in grave detail. Furthermore, I am competent with sound reasonings, critical analyzations, and descriptions. Also, the means of me executing my abilities are not limited to oral or written form. I can reason, analyze, and describe when writing, as well as, vocally. In conclusion, I am confident in my ability to understand, dissect, and communicate the logic of various viewpoints. These capabilities allow me solve problems with ease.

On the contrary, articulating my thoughts or knowledge to a (unfamiliar) large crowd is a bit more difficult for me. In my pre-production note, I mentioned that my anxiety plays a major role in my public speaking. When I am public speaking, I aim to make my speeches concise while also thoroughly communicating my point. Unfortunately, with my anxiety playing a role, it does not always go as smoothly as I intend. However, over the Spring semester of my junior year of college, I have surely noticed my public speaking skills strengthening. My pauses in between sentences are not nearly as long as they once were. I rarely stutter, hesitate, or struggle to find words. and I go into my public speeches with much more confidence than ever before. Though I do have a distance to go with making my speeches more concise and thorough, I am able to effectively articulate my ideas. With a little more experience speaking in front of my peers, I am certain that my dread of public speaking will someday be non-existent.

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