The Infection of American Health Care

I would like to bring attention to the dystopian qualities of the health care system in the United States of America.

I believe that the American standard for healthcare was created to be systemically oppressive on poor people of color and translated these prejudiced principles into clinical care in obstetrics, internal medicine, and mental illness. Physicians from the last two centuries of America`s history have been known to refuse care to African-Americans either for the color of their skin, misconceptions about how illnesses should be diagnosed for them, or their lack of finances. These practices are also still seen today, in 2018 Jacqueline Howard for CNN wrote an article about Serena Williams and Beyonce both suffering from severe complications during the birth of their children. African-American women are understood to be three to four times more at-risk for death childbirth, according to the Center for Disease Control.

The facilitation of the healthcare system in the United States is funded by large pharmaceutical companies that control the prices of medications that are needed by patients around the world. Health insurance is supposed to help undercut the cost of care. Some people receive healthcare insurance from their employers. The provision of those benefits, unfortunately, is at the discretion of the employer. So now the poorest people are working without benefits, are unable to afford insurance, and must pay for services out of pocket. This leads to fewer doctor`s visits, pre-existing conditions that don`t receive enough attention, and higher death rates among the population of uninsured people.

The healthcare system in this country is run by large biomedical and pharmaceutical companies looking for profit. These oppressive forces are the same as the corporations in Octavia Butler`s Power of the Sower that charged people for basic necessities. Patients must be able to afford the ability to save their own lives. Ambulances are not free, preventative medicine costs money, and life-saving surgeries put American citizens in debt. Poor people of color are the most at-risk in this system and suffer more as the profit margins increase.

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