The Hell Labeled “Higher Education”

High School students, with intentions on going to college, complete their senior year in hopes for new beginnings. They hope to learn more about their craft, themselves, make lifetime memories with strangers, gain freedom, and grow (in all senses of the word.) However, no college pamphlet a teenager receives can prepare them for the possible hell within higher education. The craft one was so passionate about may wither away as each semester comes. Though one hopes for lifetime memories with life-long friends, some friends may not even last the semester (for various reasons.) Lastly, though one hopes to grow, college can be extremely limiting. The college experience, in turn, becomes the prime example of “An imaginary or real place whose people may lead a restricted and oppressive existence under some form of authority.”

Though I can look at my experience at Xavier as an OVERALL amazing experience, I cannot deny that it was, at times, a Dystopia for me. I have experienced many limitations as a student. I have been discouraged from a certain career path and certain goals by those of authority (professors and advisers.) My financial limitations as a college student have not only expanded due to the costly demands of college (put into place by those of authority), but have also caused me to miss many educational opportunities. Some professors were so inflexible during my period of familial turmoil and internal trauma that I was forced to make choices between family, my mental health, and test grades. My experience at Xavier pushed me to showcase my resilience and strength. I love my experience at Xavier mostly because it broke me down and forced me to build myself back up. Unfortunately, everyone does not have a success story. Many students’ holes may be too deep for them to dig out of alone.

I have peers who were so restricted by their college professors and advisers, that they have had to drop out of college. I know students who were oppressed due to their race, their class in society, their desired career paths, or even their grade point averages. This oppression is led and allowed by those of authority (government officials and college administrators.) This, naturally, creates a hell that many students can not withstand leading to drop outs, depression, and even suicides. Furthermore, universities can very much be dystopias.

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