The Dystopian Candidate

In 2016, the United States experienced an unprecedented affront to national sensibility. Donald J. Trump, the Dystopian Candidate, splashed on the scene. He was an unexpected and offensive candidate who played the heart strings of bigots across the world. Disgruntled white men who had long been looking for a place to voice their discontent about taking orders from black man had finally found a home. Under the guise of “conservatism” (which is really racism and bigotry hidden in as single word) and proclaiming defiance against the “PC” culture of the Obama administration, bigots across the nation began to pop up everywhere. Donald Trump was signaling that the United States was about to become a bigots playground with the phrase “Make America Great Again”. This, however, meant something very different to many Americans.

The United States has since become a Dystopia of sorts as Donald Trump has wreaked havoc on foreign policy, national laws, the Supreme Court, legal precedent, the American economy, and even the environment just to name a few. The “president” has normalized hate groups, hate speech, and lies. He has embarrassed the American people almost every single day of his presidency. He has allowed oppressive legislation to be signed into law, and has signed some himself. These laws ensure that communities of color and women are inevitably oppressed. He has even sought the friendship of a notoriously underhanded ruler: Vladimir Putin.

Most recently, he has failed to lead the nation during the COVID-19 crisis. His missteps are too numerous to count and too astonishing not to record. However, his words have put people in danger time and time again. He has told people to take an unapproved medication that has not shown any promise in treating or preventing contraction of this virus. Most recently, he has said that it would be a good idea to “clean” the body with some some sort of disinfectant injection. Watching the news and hearing a statement this dumb from an office that is supposed to be held by those who are educated and civilized has proven that Donald Trump was and is the Dystopian candidate.

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