The DOUBLE AA: Articulate and Analyze

I am an extremely analytical human being. I am always curious about the how and why things occur. Analogies have always been a learning and memory aid for me. I use analogies to make connections with whatever I am attempting to learn. With the combination of these factors, critical analyzations are a strength of mine. I do extremely well with analyzing fictional films and texts. Not only do I do well because I find many films and texts interesting, but also because I love picking plots apart and putting them back together. I analyze every possible meaning of a plot. I analyze the symbolism with the stories. I research the author’s motivations for the putting the text or film together. Conclusively, analyzing films and texts are amongst my favorite things to do.

As mentioned earlier, being such an analyzer results in picking things apart and putting them together. In doing so, I am also able to see multiple perspectives within the texts. I view every angle of every situation in hopes of getting a more thorough understanding of the text itself. Often times, I am very successful doing so. I am able to analyze and comprehensively describe the underlying assumptions of different views.

Speaking aloud has never been my strong suit. At a young age, I had extreme anxiety about public speaking. I would get choked up amongst crowds, stutter, or even forget what I was going to say. Though I am much older and my anxiety is more tolerable, I am still anxious about public speaking. I would rather write my thoughts than voice them. Often times, my thoughts are complex (because I am very analytical) which makes it even more difficult for me to put them into words. I find myself overthinking while I attempt to articulate my ideas. I am, in turn, a bit hesitant when I do speak because I am busy attempting to convert my thoughts into words and ease my anxiety.  In conclusion, articulations of thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively is currently a weakness of mine.

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