Thankful for This Course

Throughout this entire course, my mind has been broaden with new ideas and new ways to think. It has taught me to develop a new method to analyze fictional readings. For example,I had to read the book 1984 in high school and I found it so boring. This was due to me not understanding the correct way to interpret the complex ideas present in the book. However with the instruction of this course, it became an interesting read. I was able to break down the characteristics of the society and identify them as being dystopian.

Before this course, I would just look at major events that were happening in society on the surface level. Now, with the knowledge I possess, I am able to dig deeper and perform a full analysis on the event. For example, with Covid-19 causing states to issue lockdown orders, I would typically just look at this as an unfortunate event. Now I see this as expressing an dystopian characteristic. This is due to the government causing us to live a restricted existence. This is a usually a characteristic that is displayed in a dystopian society.

I am also able to perform analysis on dystopian films. Previous to this class, I watched The Matrix many times. However, I never characterized it as a dystopian film because I did not know the definition. I just thought it was just simply an action film. Now, I realize that it is a complete representation of a dystopian society. The government displayed a control of knowledge. Only a small percentage of people knew about The Matrix, which was intentional. The government wanted the society to know what they told them. This is showed in dystopian societies, something I would have not been able to recognize without this course.

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