My Perfect Utopia

My perfect utopia would revolve around the idea of comfort for everyone. In the real world, I feel like comfort is something only a select few have, and that is not necessarily fair for the rest of the people. Ultimate utopia would come from being content with your life no matter how it may seem to others. In my utopia, this very philosophy will be what everyone lives by. Everyone is able to be who they want, study what they want, love who they want- all without fearing judgment from society and others. The biggest utopia of them all would be being able to live your life to the fullest and being content with how you live. Live as if no one is watching you and do only what you like.

To reach this level of content in my utopia world there would obviously be laws protecting people from unnecessary harm. One of the biggest examples is violence. If someone did not do anything wrong or even did break a law to save a life, it is not fair for them to have to pay the price through violence. Violence will simply not be used without explainable cause. Even prison systems and courts will be better managed so that no wrong person ends up spending decades paying for a crime they never committed. In my utopia, nobody will be judged due to their race or religious beliefs. Being a certain race or religion will not put you at a disadvantage when compared to someone else. Everyone will be treated equally and no color can possibly change that. In short, my utopia world will allow everyone to actually experience life and live it on their own terms, and no violence, racism, sexism, or thousands of other problems will be able to take that away from them.

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