Kind of Thinker You Are?

Robinson introduces 4 different kinds of thinkers in his article “Dystopias Now.” I think I resonate most with the anti-anti-utopia thinker. Robinson starts off the article talking about dystopias and how they are directly different from a utopia. It is pretty evident that there is a lot wrong in society today, and while a utopian society seems like a great idea, it also seems just as unattainable. A utopian society seems like a dream society in which no one is ever wronged, but in reality that is just not possible. I think the better option in between are anti-anti-utopian thinkers. These thinkers want to lead society to a more utopian way, but know of the limitations in place. They seem to know that while a perfect society for all is very important, they also know that personal freedoms are just as important for a person.
I think another really big part of anti-anti-utopia is knowing that you and society have to change as times change. Robinson mentions this idea in his article when explaining the present and future and how technology is going to revolutionize everything. In his article, Robinson mostly mentions dystopia and utopian societies. Between the two, it is pretty evident that a utopian society seems like a better option. When looking more in-depth there are still many problems with utopian societies, but atleast with anti-anti-utopian thinkers you are allowed to view society with an empirical approach. Personally, I believe this is a better approach altogether. There are many problems that are made evident in society today from climate issues to political issues. Trying to solve these issues is the first attempt to a more just society altogether. When it comes to me I am a firm believer of society being a place that improves if people tend to work together and solve issues no matter how small they seem. Most of all, I think you have to take things into your own hands as well.

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