Giving Up Privacy

People usually give up some privacy with the notion in my mind that they get something equivalently better in return. Normally speaking, privacy is a very respected and personal thing that people love to keep to themselves. In today’s day and age, privacy is compromised left and right, especially with the increased use in technology. 

While the idea of giving up my privacy doesn’t sound even a bit appealing, I have to do so when I choose to use technology. While technology, itself, has been a debated topic one of the more noticeable pros is that technology significantly makes life easier. 

One of the biggest examples that can be noted is our phone. We are constantly having our location tracked through apps and websites. A reward can be considered getting directions to a new place or getting food/groceries delivered after giving up your location. It is without a doubt that services like these are known for making our lives so much easier. 

I feel like I am okay with giving up some of my privacy to enjoy technology as much as the next person. It has and will continue to make my life more simple and now life would probably seem more hard without it. The rewards that come out of this are staying connected to friends and family as well as having access to so much information and apps in the palm of my hand.

One of the saddest things is also that people tend to know and hear about their invasions of privacy, but can’t give it up and live a life that would have been deemed “normal” just a couple of years ago. It’s crazy thinking about how relatively new phones are, and how much of a staple piece they are today in making life much simpler in our hands.

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