My Utopia

If I were to create a utopia it would have less of an emphasis on money. As I believe this would give people the freedom to choose what they want to do in life without worrying about how much they need to pursue a skill or some form of higher education or how much they will need to make after to pay off loans in that pursuit. This and the equal distribution of resources regardless of their race, gender, or social status. To eliminate the inequity that exists in our current society and provide everyone with a fair chance at success. Things like healthcare should be a right granted to everyone instead of being behind a paywall. A legal system that does not just assume that if you are non-white, you are guilty, and it does not mistreat the people they are supposed to be protecting. And an important part for me is the ability of the populace to understand each other. Where some people may not completely agree on a particular topic, but they can still come together and do right by each other, for each other, and the world around them. But I feel that this cannot happen because there are always people who are just so far removed from what is going on in the world. For instance, global warming, numerous reports are saying that this is a real phenomenon, and rather than everyone talking about what to do about it. We are instead still arguing over whether it is real. To me, this is so pointless because regardless of whether it is or isn’t the advancements we make to deal with this issue would benefit all of us.

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